Every month, Bubble Club Radio is broadcast live on the airwaves with Threads digital radio station. Each episode features different Bubble Club DJ’s and representatives of the club as well as a variety of special guests who are interviewed by our very own DJ Awesome. The DJ’s play the tunes and we talk about the things on our minds and the topics of the day.


Its a great listen, please feel free to listen back to past shows here:

Episode 1 - Oct 2018

Featuring DJ T-Way on the decks with Twinks Burnett, DJ Superstyler and Hugo also in the studio

Radio pictures.jpeg

Episode 2 - Nov 2018

Featuring DJ4Blue on the decks with DJ Mr Cool, Sholz, Big Anderz and Hugo also in the studio

Episode 3 - DEC 2018

Featuring T-Way on the decks with Gary, Sam the Slam, Kung-Fu Panda and Crown Jewels also in the studio


Episode 4 - FEB 2019

Featuring DJ Shalim on the decks with Everyday Daylee, Jen the Hen, Kung-Fu Panda, Speedy Lee and Big Tony also in the studio


The Next Bubble Club radio session will be on April 2nd from 12-2pm.