AWARD WINNING Bubble Club has been providing INCLUSIVE & accessible night life opportunities in East London for over 13 years!

The original Bubble Club project grew from out of a series of meetings held in 2005 as part of an think tank called "Have Your Say" where people with learning disabilities were given the chance to speak out about the injustices they were experiencing in their local communities. One of the major concerns being raised was widespread experiences isolation and loneliness. People reported feeling unsafe to go out in the evenings and lacked any opportunity to socialise in the evening. A number of these people, with the support of local Learning Disability advocacy group, Mapsquad, then began plans for the Bubble Club. This group of people with and with out learning disabilities pioneered the possibilities of what high quality accessible nightlife can be for 13 whole years.

The Bubble Club is now a house hold name in Tower Hamlets and an institution many people with learning disabilities have become extremely attached to. So in 2017, when the Mapsquad decided it was time to disband, many people were worried for the future of the beloved Bubble Club. Luckily, the Mapsquad’s wonderful team had already identified a group of passionate Bubble Club enthusiasts capable of taking the club into its new phase.

Initially with the support of Mapsquad’s experienced team, the new Bubble Club group began drawing up plans for the new phase of the club night. in December 2017, they registered Bubble Club CIC at Company’s House and by February 2018 they had gathered a team of dedicated members to begin plans for the organisations future. The month of March saw the first production under new management with smash hit party, the Bubble in Black! In May, the people of East London had their minds blown at the the tropical spectacle that was the Magic Pineapple Paradise Island experience! And this July we celebrated the 100 year centenary of the East London Suffragettes with another stonking party this time with an all female line-up, The Legendary Woman of Awesome!

Over this year, our team have learnt a lot, we have bonded as a group and we now know what we need to do and how to do it. Energy is high and creativity is in full flow.

People need the Bubble Club and we are going to bring it to them!