We believe having access to decent nightlife can have profound benefits for a person’s social life & emotional well being and everybody should have that opportunity

Mission Statement:

Putting on Top-quality, undiluted club nights that are accessible to everybody And promote the positive value of people with learning disabilities in our society.


A world where everybody has somewhere they feel safe and happy to let their hair down, express themselves, interact with their community and enjoy themselves in the playful hours of the night without fear of discrimination or abuse.

How we do it:

  • Providing high quality night time entertainment opportunities for those who have been excluded from mainstream culture.

  • Fighting against rising levels of loneliness by providing social opportunities to those who are most at risk of isolation.

  • Helping build and maintain a community that is cohesive and inclusive and values everybody.

  • Presenting an example of what truly accessible and inclusive nightlife culture looks like for the rest of the world to take note.

  • Providing a public platform for learning disabled artists and performers.

  • Facilitating weekly planning workshops where people with learning disabilities are able to develop useful skills and experiences for employment prospects and general well being.

  • Presenting a successful model of co-production that matches people with learning disabilities with professional in the entertainment industry in a radical lateral model of production.

  • Challenging negative perceptions with positive integration of people with learning disabilities as leaders and valuable contributors in the community.

  • Ensuring that the work we are doing truly reflects the needs of the people we are here to help.


We found that some of our best memories have been made out on the town during those evening hours when the world becomes a little more playful. It's where we meet our closest friends, make unforgettable memories and unbreakable bonds. Its where we dance away our cares and worries from the days gone by. Its a time to get loose and express ourselves freely.


We are fighting against rising levels of loneliness and social isolation in our society by providing quality night time opportunities that are totally accessible and inclusive of everybody. In particular, all those who feel excluded from mainstream entertainment and social opportunities for reasons of discrimination, safety or plain lack of accessibility.