“The city's most inclusive club night for and by people with learning disabilities”

Alice McCool
The Guardian

“This is the first time I’ve seen people dance like this in 10 years!”
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“a solution for late-night ravers whose carers had clocked off”

Bubble Club Trustee

“I’ve made good friends here, old and new. It’s the biggest social network you can get for someone with a learning disability like me”

Bubble Club Trustee

“Bubble Club is nice because its safe. It’s like a family”

Kate Mammone,
Bubble Club

“It ain’t jelly ‘n ice cream!”

Peter Vittles
Partnerships Officer, THCVS

“Bubble Club monthly nights and preparatory workshops are well attended, and people who come to us report that they enjoy these events and would not have the opportunity to attend such events without Bubble Club providing this opportunity for them”

If I wasn't here what would I be doing? It would just be me and these four walls.

Jenny, Bubble Club Team Member

“It’s very difficult to get funding for these kind of events because people don’t see the value. But what do you like to do on the weekend? - I like to be with my mates, I like to go to the pub. People don’t see that as a necessity but it is, of course it is. Otherwise it’s loneliness, it’s depression, it’s not meeting up with people.”

Support Worker, Mencap

“The reason why the Bubble Club is special to all of us is that we get to do things ourselves as a team and also its bringing not only friends together but its uniting everyone with a learning difficulty as well…. If your feeling down and a feeling a bit a lonely, you can come over to bubble club and socialise and have fun with people.”

Bubble Club Team Member

Bubble Club

“I get to see my friends who I don’t normally see because they live far away.”