Behind the scenes, at the Bubble Club Studios…
The magic happens & the creativity flows…
Come and join the team that helps put on the shows!

During the weekly Bubble Club workshops, people with learning disabilities are supported to plan, organise and deliver the Bubble Club event nights. Participants become part of the team that organise the nights and are encouraged to express themselves, learn leadership skills and develop professionally and socially.

Workshops take place every Friday from 10-4pm at the Bubble Club Studios, St Georges Leisure Centre, Shadwell. High demand for places at these workshops means booking is necessary. Please send enquiries to: 

About the Workshops…

Bubble Studios operate a radically lateral model of co-production.
A collaborative enterprise where people with learning disabilities are valued for their unique personalities and perspectives which are essential elements to the integrity and success of the club.

Equally important are the professionals from the entertainment and creative industries who volunteer to match up with team members and share their expertise and skills.

Together, they take on all the tasks and responsibilities of a functioning events and promotions business that triumphs accessibility and pioneers inclusion.

Bubble Club Team Members make the Bubble Club Nights happen.
We work as a team to come up with the themes, book the acts, design the flyers and make the decorations. We discuss important topics, make important videos and have a lot of fun doing it.

Back the Bubble!

We are currently running an ambitious crowdfunding campaign with local organisation, Spacehive. We are hoping to raise enough money to launch a brand new phase of the club with an exciting new programme of events for next year!


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